• TRUST - What do we Lean on?

    TRUST - What do we Lean on?

    Hey friends, We are so excited this new year for what God will be doing in our lives. We are aware that we have had trying times with terror, attacks, social injustices, war and so on. The list goes on and on of darkness in this world. We have good news for you and this is it - TRUST! That's all you need to get through this new season. We have to trust in God's capable love and plan for our lives for victory this year. Do we know the future? The answer is No but we know what the...

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  • Just Do IT!

    Just Do IT!

    Welcome to September 2016. We have four months to go this year and we are very excited for what God has done and doing so far in your lives. We do see your testimonies and prayer requests so please do keep them coming online or via our Mobile APP. This month we are discussing the Do Business Series which has been one of our most requested series at the ministry. If you are in business, starting your own business , entrepreneur, leader this series would really motivate, inspire and prepare you for the next level wherever you are right now....

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